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DOUBLE A Sticky Note (color)

Sticky Notes of Neon Colors 75mmx75mm (3in x 3in) 400 Sheets 5 Colors x 80 sheets
1.150 / Pack

3M Post-it® Color Flags

0.47" Wide Flags in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green 35 Flags per Pad, 4 Pads per Pack Sticks securely, removes cleanly 140 pcs in pack. 
1.950 / Pack

3M Post-it® Sticky Notes

1.5 x 2-Inches, Canary Yellow These small notes can carry big thoughts Canary Yellow notes make messages stand out 12-Pads/Pack All Post-it Notes are recyclable
1.950 / Pack

3M Post-it® Sign Here

"Sign here" The bold, red arrow points precisely where you need it. Flags stick securely and remove cleanly. 50 flags per dispenser.
0.900 / Pack

3M Post-it® Super Sticky Notes Yellow

3 in x 5 in, Canary Yellow Fantastic for work or home - they stick almost anywhere and stay put Perfect for indexing to stay better organized Canary Yellow keeps...
0.750 / Pc

3M Post-it® Sticky Notes Yellow

4 x 6-Inches, Canary Yellow Great for keeping track of your daily to-do lists Canary Yellow helps keep your work simple and organized 12-Pads in Pack All Post-it Notes are...
1.250 / Pc

3M Post-it® Sticky Notes Neon Colors

3M Post it notes Size:  3"x3" Packing: 500 sheets. Neon Colors  
2.500 / Pack

3M Post-it® Sticky Notes color

Get everyone's favorite Post-it(R) Notes in high-voltage neon colors. Reposition-able adhesive won't leave marks on paper or other surfaces. Bright colors make your message stand out, convey urgency and signify...
3.750 / Pack