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3M Scotch Clear Packaging Tape 301C-50Y6T, 2 in x 50 Yds
3M Scotch Clear Packaging Tape 301C-50Y6T, 2 in x 50 Yds
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3M Scotch Clear Packaging Tape 301C-50Y6T, 2 in x 50 Yds

The Scotch 301C-50Y6T Clear Packaging Tape Is Designed To Solve Your Packing Problems. It Is Made With Sure Start Technology That Ensures Smooth, Easy Unwind. Furthermore, This Scotch Tape Offers Excellent Resistance From Splitting Or Tearing. This Tape Features A Reusable Sure Start Dispenser That Prevents It From Falling Back On The Roll. Furthermore, This Tape Can Be Used In A Wide Range Of Temperatures. It Is The Perfect Choice For Sealing And Shipping Boxes. Perfect For Your Needs With This Scotch Tape, Even The Heaviest Packages Can Survive Rough Handling. The Tape Has A Tough, Strong, Solvent-Free Hot Melt Adhesive That Locks In Your Heavy Duty Content For Secure And Convenient Transport. Excellent Strength The Highly-Effective Adhesive Of This Scotch Tape Keeps Out Dust, Moisture, And Dirt To Keep The Content Inside The Box Safe. Moreover, The Release Coating On This Tape Makes Unwinding Easy And Resists Splitting, Thereby Saving Your Time. Thanks To The Reliable Seal Of This Tape, Your Packages Can Withstand The Weight And Stay Sealed When You Are Transporting Them. If You Are An Environment Enthusiasts, This Tape Is The Perfect Choice For You, As It Is Made From 50 Percent Recycled Materials. All The More, This Tape Seals Packages Quietly And Easily. It Is Available In An Easy-To-Start Roll That Unwinds Smoothly And Resists Slivering.
Color: Blue, Purple, Black
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester