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Dollar Pen White Board Marker Round Dry Easy
Dollar Pen White Board Marker Round Dry Easy
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Dollar Pen White Board Marker Round Dry Easy

  • Dollar Dry-Erase maker now with an ergonomically designed cap for easy opening, closing and anti-rolling. Made up of a minimum of 37% recycled materials, the Dry-Erase is truly eco-friendly:Refillable, Recyclable and Xylene / Toluene free.

    Whether at school, office, workplace or home, you may write, erase and rewrite effortlessly with dry erase markers. Five brilliant ink colors enhance effectiveness of your presentations on whiteboards, notice boards, flip charts or elsewhere. Now you can be sure of communicating your expressions, as ever-lasting impressions in the minds of your audience.

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Color: Blue, Purple, Black
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester